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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Here is a long over due blog post!
firstly heres a bit of boring news...
I have now become Freelance full time.

which im really enjoying, I've realised i love working with different people everyday and as much as I enjoyed working at established magazines it can become so repetitive  and doesn't give me that same excitement of creating new storeys and things are just not as easy which makes a challenge!

In the last month I have shot for American/Mexican magazine BLINK 
Working with an amazing team on location at St Paul's cathedral, i took a few cheeky iPhone images...
and Alan has made this amazing video as a sneak peak!

Jessica P, Heaven from Alan AviƱa on Vimeo.

Also I have been doing quite a bit of commercial work, catwalk shows for Aveda, the cover of hairdressers journal....
ITV advert and this week styled the new lookbook for House of Fraser's Earring boutique.

Also I plan on blogging a lot more! I get lots of emails from espiring stylists who want to no how to become a stylist or want to study at LCF and want my advice on what to do so in the next couple of weeks when I receive them I'm going to answer them on my blog, which will hopefully be a little more helpful! keep a look out!

also see link:

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