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Monday, 12 July 2010

A/W 10-11 Trend Report continued

Sixties Trend
A theme seen through out various A/W 10 collections such as..



Stella McCartney


The 60s belonged to the trendsetters; Twiggy, Barbara Hulanicki, Mary Quant, Jackie o, Brigitte Bardot and my own personal favourite Edie Sedgwick.

Women wore floral prints, big, bright flowers, shift dresses and mini skirts which were designed 6 inches above the knees all in bright bold Colours of yellows, red’s, orange, violet and blues to list a few.

Make up was Dramatic, heavy dark or coloured eyes, and full of mascara, producing spider leg lashes. Skin pale, with glittering or pale Lips.

Here is a great little video I found of London in the 60s, I love that back then there was such a set way to dress, it made you belong to a certain genre of people; British Mods, Rockers, Hippies, Motown soul styles.

 Fashion created boundaries and stereotypes that people stuck to, not like today’s fashion where it is so fast paced, trends last less than a season, but then again in 40 years time, will people be reinventing the chav style and informing the next generation of the great trend of 2010; doll necklace’s, Nike track suits and Burberry checks? A scary thought.

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