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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Little late!

soo amazingly late in no but here is the rest that happened over fashion week!

very stressful booking all these ladies!! with some girls showing up for hair and make up 15 minutes before the show!!
but thankfuly everything went nice and smoothly in the end which left me enough time to see a few shows!
including William Tempest, Ada Zanditon, Alice Palmer, iris van herpen, and my favourite Bodyamr, the show production john walford and amr created was amazing, the venue and music made the collection look that little much more amazing, nicoler Roverts showed up and katey perry among many other celebs...
check this video out to see what i mean.....

one of the models who i got to know from rushing her off the back of motor bikes 10 minutes before shows was Select's
Alex wurfel :

Been one of johns favourites she was hurried over from new york without even a casting!
Really lovely girl, amazing walk!! we booked her for about 5 or 6 of the vauxhall shows!
On tuesday after the final show of the week William Tempest, i saw her just as i was about to leave, and asked if she was off to any fashion partys in which she replayed.. " i just want to go home and have a bath and go to bed!" which i thought was a great answer and she really did deserve a good rest!

I went to a couple of after parties that night to let loose after that week of server organisation!!
including Ada Zanditon and Fannie Schiavoni with my amazing friend, designer Mary Benson, in which we met lots of great people and had a really grand time!!

hope you like all the pictures!
Love Emily x

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