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Monday, 15 February 2010

Vauxhall Fashion Scout Model Casting

Today has been the main group casting for all the Vauxhall fashion scout shows, very busy day ive had! with over 300 girls attending the casting for 15 of the women's wear designers, There where some amazing girls from, Elite, Profile, Storm, Premier and lots more agencies, John explains on the vfs blog: “The concept is that the designers come in, and because we have them all here together hopefully we get a better quality of girl coming to the casting,” All the designers have now chosen a options list in which i will be ringing around agencies all week making sure we have the girls the designers want
i have my favorites from the day though, Elites Sylvie Crabbe, Models 1's Jade Mcsorley and Profiles Frank.
Here are some photos of the casting i managed to snap earlier today.
Emily x

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