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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tragic Loss of McQueen! Known for his mythical outrageousness shows,here is my all time favourite…

spring/summer 2001 (images from

I posted this blog moments before i had heard the news of the death of Mcqueen, he was my favourite designer and a big inspiration to me and my work, after the loss of his mother a few days previous he took his own life early this morning, such a great talent that will never be forgotten. Here is my favourite collection from the great man that was Alexander McQueen.

From reading the blog 'thefashionspot' someone wrote that the show ran around an hour late, the audience were seated around the glass box in harsh lighting, they couldn’t see inside the box and they were obliged to sit and watch there own reflections and the people around them. “After a while this self scrutiny produced and intense and paranoid self consciousness.

Journalist Sarah Mower described it " A gathering of the prime arbiters of vanity". When the show started McQueen turned the audience into voyeurs, the lighting turned down on them and went on inside the box, which was made of reflective surveillance glass.

The models inside the box couldn’t see the audience but they could see themselves so basically the audience was watching the models watch themselves. For 10 minuets the models preened and strutted while admiring there own reflections”

Amazing ideas every show!

To have been involved in such creative proses and have worked with such an amazing man must have been an amazing job.


Emily x

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